History of Unity, Wisconsin

Photos from Dennis Kuehling Collection unless otherwise noted.
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Cheese Factory   Church Street

Cheese Factory Unity, Wis. S.W. corner of East Clark and Russell Streets


Ransom H. Brown Residence, 210 East Church Street. Most likely the oldest home in Unity. It was said the two story part was built out of one white pine tree. Later was the home of Calvin and Delores Cook. Owned now by C. Maldonis (2013).

JW Salter   Chris Vogt
J.W. Salter residence on East Cook Street. It was demolished by Leo Bloom as he built a new home on the site. J.W. was an early Unity resident, high school principal, land speculator and store proprietor.   Chris Vogt Residence Front Street Unity, Wis. Burned in the 1917 fire. Approximately where the Virgil & Bea Decker home is today (2013). Appears to be a barn in the right rear.
Hotel Nelson   postcard
Hotel Nelson - Front Street, Unity, Wis. 1912 Built and operated by Chris Nelson. He worked as cook in the early Unity area lumber camps. The hotel was located north of the present R&R Auto about where Dennis Safemaster's residence is today (2013).  
Front Street -   Front Street - JH Clark
From left to right: The Forest Hotel, Fred Wescott's Place (saloon), Zell Bros. General Mercantile. The single story building was home to the Marathon County Register, a long running weekly Unity newspaper. (Also known locally as The Marathon County Asswipe.) Louis Cook ran it for many years with Steffie Jazinsky as typesetter. Later it was sold and operated may years by the Messer family. Next to the Register is a combination furniture, buggies for sale, and real estate business operated by M.P. Thayer. Wild Lands & Improved Farms Terms to Suit For Sale by M.P. Thayer Furniture - Buggies. Dennis Kuehling 2/7/2009   Dr. J.H. & Harriet Clark Residence S.E. corner of Wells and Front Streets

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