History of Unity, Wisconsin

Photos from Dennis Kuehling Collection unless otherwise noted.
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First Known Scene of Unity   Unity Bridge
Earliest known Unity photo. Facing east on West Clark Street. G. Groelle Hardware was located where the Unity C-Store is now. (2013). The forty foot pine flag pole was mentioned in early histories and the community was extremely proud of it.   Bridge across Little Eau Pleine River south of Unity. Post card dated Sept. 2, 1908
Creed's Potato Warehouse   Creed Mercantile
The building on the right was Creed's potato warehouse. It sat where the graveled parking lot is today (2013), just east of the current Unity Memorial Hall. This is looking west of the railroad tracks on county Highway K. The building on the left housed Van Meisner's Barber Shop on the left side, and a sport shop on the right side.   West Clark Street. Right side: Creed Mercantile, W.E. Morgan Hardware, unknown, J.R. Kuehnau, Undertaker & Furniture.
Left: C. Healy Store, later Van Meisner Barber Shop. On skyline: Wm. (Billy) Laabs Saloon & Hotel.
Odd Fellows Hall   Furniture Undertaker
Independent Order of Odd Fellows Hall. Built in 1901. Demolished in 1955. Located where Wayne and Jane Scheer home is today (2007).   Northeast Corner of West Clark & Washington Streets. Furniture Undertaker J. R. Kuehnau (quite an automobile parked in front).
Odd Fellows Document   Furniture Undertaker

Northeast Corner of West Clark & Washington Streets, J. R. Kuehnau, Proprietor


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