History of Unity, Wisconsin

Photos from Dennis Kuehling Collection unless otherwise noted.
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Wagon Shop   Johnson Wagon Shop
Johnson Wagon Shop
Early 20th century - present location (2007) would be 101 South Washington Street (Alfred and Bonnie Weideman home).
L-R. Frank Jarvis, his daughter, Lola, and J. P. Johnson
  J. P. Johnson, wagon maker in his shop on West side of Unity.
J. P. Johnsen Residence   310 West Clark Street
J. P. Johnson Residence. Margaret Pfeffer Residence (2006), 320 West Clark Street, Unity.   310 West Clark Street, Unity. Gus Carlson lived here at one time. Unknown family. Double trunk oak tree was cut down in 2012. NOTE: 10/20/2016 from Irene Schreiber: “Hi, I looked on page 3 of photos showing our house. In the commentary it says the double oak tree was cut down, I would like this corrected if you don't mind, the tree actually fell down due to the weight of acorns and heavy rain and was found to have rotted at its base. We were very sad to see it go, It fortunately fell into the garden and not the road. Also, I was told that the tin ceilings in my house came from the hotel after it burned down. Another interesting fact is that the family in the photo of 310 on page 3 had the wife's mother living there(she is in the photo) and was from England which is a coincidence because I am from England also. I found this out from that family's grandson who knocked on the door one day, and told me who he was. His father was the boy with the white cat in the photo. Thank you for this wonderful celebration of Unity.”
1911 310 West Clark Street   Wisconsin Central Going
1911 Photo of West Clark Street.
Far left: 330 West Clark - W. E. Morgan home - Randy Smith (2010), 320 West Clark - Margaret Pfeffer (2010), 310 West Clark - Clyde and Irene Schreiber (2010)
  Wisconsin Central Railway going through Unity, Wisconsin, from Unity Centennial Booklet.
Unity Depot   Furniture Undertaker
Unity Depot looking South towards Front Street
On Left is O & N Lumber Co.
  Soo Depot 1955
Left: Glenn Kilty's Silver Coach Tavern. Right: Gas Pumps and Hotel Bar

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